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When you start using JustLocal™ you don't make a purchase, you make an investment. JustLocal™ is an investment in your business and an investment in your local area.

  • You invest in a six month lease for a lot simply by clicking on an available lot on the postcode page. (Available lots are all white surrounded by a grey border.)

  • When you click on an available lot you are presented with a form to complete. Submitting the form takes you to PayPal to complete your investment using your credit card (or your PayPal account if you have one).

  • The final step is you then forward by email the image which we will use to create an image to be displayed on your lot.

  • We will confirm the acceptance or denial of your participation as quickly as possible. Our aim is to get your advertising up as a priority.

  • Each lot is acquired separately. Lots being acquired must be used and not left vacant.

  • The lease for a lot is for six months from the date of investment.

  • Should two people attempt to invest in the same lot at roughly the same time, the date and time according to the PayPal service will be used to determine who the first investor was as long as the image has been provided.

  1. Background

  2. Purchasing lots in other areas

  3. Lot lease pricing

  4. Updating the lot information

  5. Limiting businesses of one type in an area

  6. Additional services

  7. Support

  8. Payments for additional services


JustLocal™ is designed with a single main page and one page for each postcode area.

The main JustLocal™ page is a premium advertising area. Many people will visit this page first of JustLocal to search for a postcode area.

On each postcode page the page is divided into lots.

Each lot is available for lease for 6 months. There will only ever be 200 lots on a page with 180 available, so like real estate, supply will always be limited.

On any page advertisers can lease up to 2 lots. The lots can be located together, or they can be separate. Each lot is always treated separately. By using adjacent lots you can give the illusion of displaying a larger image. You may however simply want two lots spread around the page. You may wish to advertise two different aspects of your business using two different images. (Please be aware that in the future to cater for different screen sizes, there is no guarantee ajoining lots will be located together.)

NOTE: Once 100 lots have been leased on a postcode page, only one lot per business will be available. That means businesses should move quickly should they want to lease more than one lot on a postcode page. We are doing this to ensure there is always a good range of businesses on a postcode page.

Each lot requires and image which we will create based on a suitable image you send us. (Note that complex images may not be suitable.)

To create the illusion of having a larger area, an advertiser could lease two lots next to each other to form a larger rectangle. The image provided will be used to create the effect of the larger area.

Purchasing lots in other areas

Every business can invest in the area in which their business is physically based. If you work from home and have an office or shopfront, then you can advertise in both locations.

Lot lease pricing

Standard lot lease

JustLocal has been set up to provide a very affordable way to promote your business in a single postcode area.


Investment for a six month lease for a lot on a JustLocal™ postcode page.

Price is $90.

Investment for a six month lease for a lot on the main JustLocal™ page.

Price is $1,250.

Updating the information for a lot

The cost to update the information for a lot is $33.

Limiting businesses of one type in an area

Our aim is to provide consumers with choice.

JustLocal restricts the number of similar businesses advertising in the one postcode area to two.

For some situations it is easy to identify similar businesses. However when it comes to restaurants, a Mexican restaurant would not be considered to be the same as an Italian restaurant. Two fish and chip shops, two Chinese restaurants, two hotels, two cafes, two plumbers or two electricians, are examples of where the two similar businesses rule applies.

Additional services

If you require additional services such as a basic web page, a site, or hosting, we're happy to refer you to one or more JustLocal advertisers close to you. Please note you should review each supplier and select the supplier you feel most comfortable with. Any work undertaken is between you and the supplier and does not involve JustLocal.

We encourage all businesses to create, maintain and host their own material.

If a service is not listed that you require, send us an email. We are here to help.


The JustLocal website already provides a considerable amount of free material and over time we will add to that material.

Questions relating to the JustLocal service will be answered at no cost. Please send us an email with your question.

Questions not relating to the JustLocal service can be handled in a number of ways.

We share our knowledge using the MyAnswers knowledge base.

Because almost anyone has the ability and potential to run a micro or small business, we make solutions available to everyone at an incredible price via MyAnswers.

As we answer questions from JustLocal advertisers, we document the solutions in the MyAnswers knowledge base. MyAnswers should be the first place to look for assistance after you have checked the pages on this site.

If you need assistance with something we have not covered and which is not specifically related to the JustLocal service, normal consulting fees will apply. In many cases another JustLocal advertiser may be able to assist you and in that case we will endeavour to find an appropriate JustLocal advertiser to assist.

In all cases should you require support, you should contact us via email. We will assist in obtaining the most cost effective support option to solve your problem.

Payments for additional services

The payment for lots on JustLocal is handled when you select a lot and complete the details.

There are however times where you may wish to pay for an additional service such as one of the additional services, or for support.

In these cases we will ask you to visit this page and make the payment using the following button. You have the option to use a PayPal account or a credit card.


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