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JustLocal is a fantastic way for consumers and businesses, to find local businesses and businesses which service your area. No longer do you have to spend time repeatedly entering search criteria to find a business. All businesses are presented right there in front of you, in a convenient graphical format.

You now have TRUE one click convenience to businesses.

One click access to the website of a participating business from your local postcode page. What could be simpler! Every participating business has a web page or site. This provides you with more information, and helps you find the products and services of interest to you.

With the high cost of fuel, buying local, or having businesses come to you, simply makes sense.


Only two similar businesses can
advertise in a single post code area.)

For businesses, JustLocal offers a new and affordable approach to promoting your business.

JustLocal offers a money back guarantee like no other

Most advertising businesses only care about getting your money. Once they have your money, whether you make money or not, does not matter to them. They have done their job, which is to get you to part with your hard earned money. We've all been there before.

JustLocal takes a different approach. If you don't make money, we don't make money. We call that being fair.

We are so confident of the power of JustLocal we offer a money back guarantee

If you have not received sales to the value of your advertising fee, or other value we provide to your business, let us know 30 days before the end of your lease. If we can't then generate sales to your advertising fee, we will happily refund your advertising fee.

With JustLocal you simply can't lose.

JustLocal is the only advertising service to take the risk out of advertising.

Our aim is to keep advertising fees low and affordable, even for the smallest micro business.

What makes JustLocal different?

  • Low cost advertising.

  • The JustLocal money back guarantee means you cannot lose. There is no risk in advertising on JustLocal.

  • Our website presentation is like no other. It is simple and that is the beauty of it for advertisers and consumers. 

  • Consumers and businesses are now one click away from your business when the use their local postcode page.

  • We limit the number of advertisers in an area to a maximum of 180. Typically there will be 100-150 businesses participating in each area. That means your advertising dollar is not diluted as it is in other media, and in fact it becomes more valuable over time.

  • If you have a business where customers come to your physical premises, no longer will your advertising be dwarfed by businesses with bigger budgets that are outside your postcode, or in an adjoining postcode area.

  • We limit the number of similar businesses in an area to two. This rewards those businesses who get in quick and recognise the incredible opportunity being presented by JustLocal.

  • Advertising with JustLocal offers incredible value for money. Year long advertising for the equivalent of a small advertisement in a single edition of a newspaper.

  • JustLocal will increase your business presence in the search engines, increase the potential for business from the internet and makes it easier for your customers to find you.

  • JustLocal has set aside 5% of the advertising space to support the local community at no cost. Businesses participating in JustLocal can now support their community in ways never before possible.

  • You retain full control over your content as we link to your site. This keeps your costs down and your information is the latest information you provide.

Join us in this exciting opportunity. Take advantage of JustLocal today.

Advertising benefits

  • Advertising available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

  • Increased exposure in search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • Encourages businesses and customers to purchase locally from your business.

  • We encourage businesses to purchase from each other, as we are doing, by redirecting our spending where we can to those who join JustLocal.

  • Location, location, location is the prime consideration when setting up a business. Now you can have advertising which corresponds to your location.

  • Only advertise in the areas which apply to your business. This gives you highly focused and effective promotion.

  • Your information is up-to-date because any changes you make to your internet site are there immediately.

  • Emphasis is on local businesses, advertising to local customers.

  • Buying local helps you, your customers and the environment.

JustLocal is more like an asset than an expense

We have created an entirely new concept in advertising.

We lease an advertising lot to your business.

You have the right to transfer the lease to the highest bidder subject to our approval.

The money you make is yours. (A small administrative fee is payable by the new advertiser to update the details on JustLocal.)

Advertising on JustLocal is now potentially an investment instead of a costly expense.

Join JustLocal

When you join JustLocal you don't just advertise, you become a JustLocal friend.

  • We ask that you help promote your local area.

  • We encourage JustLocal friends to create a sense of community.

  • We encourage JustLocal friends to help each other.

  • We encourage JustLocal friends to use the products and services of other friends.

We have designed JustLocal to help the local community. The more you put in, the more you get out. We believe not just financially, but personally as well.


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