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If you have a question check out this page first.

How do I determine the lot number?

Each page is arranged as a grid of 10 lots across and 20 lots down giving a total of 200 lots.

The lot number of a vacant lot can be obtained by clicking on the vacant lot. You are then taken to the order form which shows towards the bottom the unique lot number.

Simply close the page (unless of course you want to proceed and place an order for the lot).

You can also look at the status bar as you move across vacant lots. This shows the postcode and the lot number as two separate values. Just put them together to get the unique lot number.

Every lot has a unique number across the entire system and consists of seven digits.

Lots are numbered as followed.

The first four digits of the lot number is either "0000" for the main page or the four digit postcode number.

The next three digits is the lot number on the page. If the lot number has less than three digits then zeros are placed in front of the number.

For example. A lot on the main page with a lot number of "7" will have the first four digits being "0000" and the next three digits being "007" giving the unique number of "0000007".

Can I transfer the lease for a lot to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer a lot to another business who wishes to advertise on JustLocal. (Please also read the conditions of use page.)

This could be a great way to make money. For example you start with four lots and transfer two to someone else subject to approval. Once lots are all gone they will increase in value and we believe you will make money on the transaction (although there is never any guarantee you will make money).

I look forward to the day lots fetch record breaking amounts on eBay. A nice thought, but it could be a reality.

The price you negotiate with the other party is up to you.

You keep all the money. The new owner of the lease needs to provide all the required information and pay the update fee.

The new owner will continue on the same lease period until the lease expires. (Much like the registration of a car continues when you sell a car.)

As per our conditions of use we reserve the right to accept advertising and do not have to provide a reason for not accepting advertising. You should make all arrangements tentative until you have our acceptance.

Can I sub lease a lot?


We did consider sub leasing but the amount of time to administer sub leasing meant we do not consider it financially viable as this time.

Lots are to be used to advertise your business.

How can I know when you will cover my area?

There are two ways.

  1. You can keep an eye on the Areas Covered page.
  2. You can send us your email address and we will let you know when the area is made available. The more people who let us know they are interested in an area the quicker we will consider that area.

I want to invest but I don't own a business. Can I still invest?

Not unless you start running a business.

We need to have an ABN number for each business to keep things simple.

How can I tell how much traffic I am receiving from JustLocal™?

The best way is to check your own log reports for your website. Look for the referrer being www.justlocal.com.au. That's us directing traffic to your website.

We feel this is the best approach to knowing if an advertising service is working for you or not.

Because they are your stats from your website logs, you can be confident in the results.

Many advertising services promote hits and readership. The bottom line to us is how many visitors we refer to your website, and you already have this information available to you.

Why are some of the fields on your pages yellow and others white?

We design the pages with all fields being white. The usual cause of some fields appearing yellow is the Google toolbar some people install. The yellow field indicates a field Google's AutoFill may be able to complete.

What are the specifications for the image required?

We now create the image required for use on JustLocal. However for those who wish to create their own image, the image needs to be 100x50 pixels. The image type required is PNG.

It is suggested that you save images as 256 colour (or a lower number of colours) indexed images and remove all additional information such as creation date from the image. This will reduce the size of the image.

One way to reduce the size even more is to save the image with less colours such as 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2 or simply black and white. The important thing is keep the image looking good. Too many colours take up more space and may not be necessary.

All images need to be less than 1024 bytes.

Where you have leased adjacent lots to create the image of a bigger picture you need to provide an image for each lot. We find the best approach is to create the larger image and then to crop each portion to the lot size.

The smaller the image size the better. Images take time to download. The smaller the images, the less time to download, the happier the users will be.

Is it true you got inspiration from Alex Tew of www.milliondollarhomepage.com fame?

Yes and no.

We think Alex is an inspiration. He shows all of us that a good idea can still take off and achieve the success that others can only dream of. We believe in dreams. Turning dreams into reality is truly exciting. Well done Alex.

When the final idea came to us for our service there were many sources of inspiration. My friend Gary Hipworth of Paradox Learning for the support and encouragement we have given each other over the years.

For the Mastermind group we've nicked named the Gaggle. Their encouragement has been inspirational. Helping others without any thought for anything in return somehow lead to getting some of the assistance required.

Then there is Donald Trump and the Apprentice TV series. If anything clicked it was the realisation to think big. As big as possible. Dare to dream. I realised something as I was driving along and kept seeing the enormous buildings. Thinking small would always limit what I could achieve.

A few days later and thinking big plus all the other elements came together and the result was JustLocal™. At this point it was still an idea.

Finally it occurred to me that assisting all the business contacts to promote their business would help all of us. Everyone I approached was interested and so JustLocal™ was more than an idea. It was a reality.

The rest is history.

These are thoughts that I would have previously not shared. However if by sharing my thoughts others create success by seeing what I saw, then the circle of helping continues.

I don't currently have a website. Can I still participate?

Yes, but you have to create, or have someone create at least a basic web page.

Creating a web page is much easier to do than it sounds. If you can create a document using a word processor, then you can create a web page. The main thing is to get started.

Another way to get started is to create a blog. you can get free blogs and start posting blogs about your business and we can link to the blog to get started.

What are the different ways I can get to my local postcode page?

We have designed JustLocal™ so that local people can quickly get to the page for their local area.

If you enter www.JustLocal.com.au/0000 or www.JustLocal.com.au then you will get the main JustLocal web page.

If you change 0000 to your local post code then you will get to the page for your local postcode area.

We encourage people to bookmark their postcode page page or place a shortcut on their Desktop to their postcode page. This makes it really fast to get to the postcode page and then one click and you are at the advertiser's web site getting the information you need.

The second method and most obvious is to enter a postcode in the postcode field at the top right of every page.

The third method is to go to the Areas Covered page.

The Areas Covered page lists additional information on the areas covered.

If you have a website you may even wish to put a link on your website to either the main page or your postcode page.

We often use JustLocal™ now to get to the businesses we know. It is one of the most convenient methods we know to get to the advertisers we want to use. Everything else takes more clicks.

How many businesses need to get together to get a postcode page started for their area?

Previously we started each postcode area as people asked for the postcode page to be available. We've now changed the approach and all postcode areas are covered.

Why are you using PayPal?

They accept the major credit cards as well as transfers from PayPal accounts.

Do we have permission to link to the JustLocal™ site?

We appreciate the thought and welcome others who are not advertisers to link to the JustLocal™ main page.

We encourage advertisers to add a link on their website to the postcode page they are advertising on.

JustLocal is about working together. It is about promoting each other and purchasing each other's products and services when the opportunity arises. Advertisers including a link on their website are taking the first step towards greater cooperation.

How do I lease a lot to advertise my business?

First go to the postcode page that you want to advertise on. (You can also advertise on the main page which has the postcode of 0000.)

Now click on a vacant lot. A vacant lot is a white rectangle surrounded by a grey outline.

This will open the Order Form. Complete the Order Form and click on Submit.

You are now taken to the PayPal site to pay for the six month lease for the lot. You can use a credit card (or transfer money from a PayPal account) to complete the payment.

The final step is to send us via email your image which will be displayed on the advertising lot. We will then perform a review and send you a confirmation email.

There are many situations where we may seek further information. For example some information may not have been correctly filled out. We all make mistakes when filling out forms, I know that I do, so I expect the same will apply to others. Two businesses may try to secure the same advertising lot at the same time. We need to check your business doesn't exceed the number of similar businesses on the one postcode page rule.

In all cases we will follow each order through until either it is accepted or it is denied.




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