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Convert Strava link to Google Maps

Strava provide an excellent heat map of fitness activities from data they have access to. Viewing the map provides insights on the level of fitness activities. Often however, it is hard to identify the location or facility of the activity using the Strava map. Google Maps however is much easier to read. By copying and pasting the website address from the Strava page and clicking on Submit, you'll go to the location on a Google map.


  • When you move around on the Stava map including zooming in the website address in the address bar area changes. It is this website address that you copy and paste into the URL field above.
  • After you press Submit a new tab or window will open depending on your browser's settings. This new tab/window will shortly display the Google map for the location.
  • After pressing Submit this tab/window will remain open. You can then easily return to this tab/window to submit further Strava map website address locations.




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