My Keywords



  • For each website enter a keyword, then a comma, then the website address.

    E.g. JustLocal,

  • Do not type http:// before the website address as this is added for you.
  • A space after the comma is optional, but the space does help make it easier to read..
  • The case of keyword doesn't matter so you can use upper case, lower case, or mixed case.
  • Your keyword list is stored in a cookie on your computer. If you clear cookies the list is deleted.
  • Make a copy of your keyword list and save in case you inadvertently clear cookies.
  • You can override a standard keyword by entering the keyword with the website you choose.
  • Your list can be up to 4,096 characters which is the limit for a cookie. This should allow you to enter 50-100 keywords.
  • Close this page after you've saved your updates.


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