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You are only a few short steps away from promoting your business using the exciting JustLocal service.

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    Advertising on the main page of JustLocal is only by prior arrangement. The JustLocal Book Project page requires no payment, but authors should contact JustLocal first to ensure their books meets the conditions for inclusion on the JustLocal Book Project page.



Leasing a lot on a postcode page - $90 per six months.

Leasing a lot on the main JustLocal page - $1,250 per six months.

Leasing a lot on the JustLocal Book Project page - free.




Only the website address and texttip are made public. All other information remains private, is not disclosed to others without your permission and will be treated with respect.

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When you click on the Submit button you will be taken to the PayPal site to complete the transaction for JustLocal postcode pages only. For other JustLocal pages your will be taken to a page with additional information.

Thank you in advance for supporting JustLocal.


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