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SEO Value Calculator

How much is the value of a position in Google's search results worth to your business?

The SEO Value Calculator provides an estimate you can use as a guide. Now if you decide to pay a SEO company or consultant to provide a better position in Google, you can estimate the potential value against the cost of the service.

Page Position
Select the number from 1 to 20. By default Google provides 10 results per page. The second page starts at position 11 and goes through to 20.

Monthly Searches
The Monthly Searches for a keyword your interested in is freely available from the Google Adwords service.

Conversion Rate
The conversion rate is the percentage of people who reach your site and a some point become a customer. You can estimate this value or determine through your site statistics the number of people reaching your site from Google and then determine the percentage of those people who then become a customer. The default for the SEO Value Calculator is set at 1%. This is a conservative figure. A figure recently stated on the internet was 1.5%.

Customer Value
As a business owner you should know the value of a typical customer over the lifetime of that customer to your business. You need to work out how much per month a customer is worth to you. If a customer only purchases once then use this as the yearly value and divide by 12 to determine the monthly value. For long term customers work out the monthly value. The SEO Value Calculator aims to provide you a guide over a year. For longer period you'll need to estimate the value yourself.

SEO Value Month/Year
The result from this calculater is an estimate of the value of new customers to you business for a month and for a year. The yearly value is the monthly value multiplied by 12 and is provided for convenience.

Customers per month
This number is the number of customers per month. When this number is less than one it means it will take more than a month to get a customer.

Months to aquaire
The Months to aquire is the number of months to aquire a customer. month.

Clicks per month
This is the expected number of clicks per month. This figure has been added to make it easier to compare with Google's adwords. By comparing the cost to acquire business using SEO and organic position to paying for Google adwords you can determine which approach costs less.


This calculator comes with no warranty expressed or implied. The calculator is only for informational purposes and is not guaranteed to be error free.


This calculator is based on the information from the information shared in this post on Search Engine Watch.

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