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Convert 0 kilojoules to Calories
  • Enter the food description, then either the weight in grams and kj/100g, or total kj amount.
  • Press Calculate to recalculate and save your enter information.
  • Press Clear to clear all information
  • The Dieting Energy Intake value enables you to see how many kilojoules you have left for the day. Use the BMI/BMR Calculator (link below) to determine your Dieting Energy Intake.
  • "My Notes" is a link to a page to keep your own notes. This is handy to record the kilojoules for food and drinks your regularly consume.
  • The Email weight loss buddy link enables you to email your daily progress to your weight loss buddy. It's good to have a weight loss buddy to keep you accountable.
  • The Convert kilojoules to Calories link conveniently converts the total kilojoules to Calories for those interested in Calories

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