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Word Check
The preferred Australian English spelling
based on Kelvin's dictionary.


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Word Check is the only online service to provide the preferred Australian English spelling. Your subscription directly funds this work.

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TIPS: Use the correct case for proper nouns. Word Check is designed to check single words, hyphenated words and common compound words containing a space. Word Check does not check phrases or sentences. Click here for more Word Check hints and tips.

Kelvin's Australian English spellcheck dictionary is the only dictionary to provide the preferred Australian English spelling, which is the best spelling of a word to use in Australia. To our knowledge no one else provides only the preferred spelling.

Using the preferred Australian English spelling results in professional and consistent documents. There are thousands of words in our language which have two, three, or even four ways to spell the same word. Would you prefer to use the preferred spelling of a word, or a secondary spelling variation. Using a secondary spelling variation is often questioned by others. This could result in lost sales, clients doubting the quality of your services and products, and potentially lower marks if you're a student. Spelling matters. It may be the difference between getting, or not getting the job you want.


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NOTE: Word Check Australian English is under development and is still evolving. In less than 2% of checks a valid word will be marked as not found as it is not currently in the Word Check dictionary. These words will be added promptly. Thank you in advance for your patience. DISCLAIMER: Word Check is not guaranteed to be suitable for any particular purpose. You agree that by using Word Check you take full responsibility for your actions.